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  • High Quality Steel material bench
  • For long lasting and durable construction
  • Sit Up Bench Abdominal Crunch Exercise
  • Multiple adjustments maximum weight 150kg
  • Easy to assemble
  • Color : Red Cushion + Black Frame
  • Adjustable Bench with 8position included (Incline, Decline and Flat)
  • Adjustable Seat position ( 3 level )
  • Support up to 120KG
  • Good PU leather which is long lasting
  • Extra thick back cushion to ensure you to workout in comfortably
  • Best workout with dumbbell
  • Premium model, foldable to compact size for easy storage
  • Include with Exercise Rope and Spring Pull Exerciser
  • Suitable for sit-ups, abdominal work, and upper body workouts
  • Adjustable incline/height to tailor the intensity to your fitness level
  • Adjustable leg support with high-density support foam
  • Padded backrest, Folds flat for storage
  • A Confidence Fitness Sit Up Ab Bench is ideal for all levels of workout. Adjust the height to find your optimal level of intensity
  • Max User Weight 150KGs
  • Product Dimension : 52cm x 149cm x (52-72cm) adjustable height
  • 7 incline positions for various training purpose, you can adjust the back rest to flat, incline and decline position to fit your specific exercise routine, such as sit-ups, push ups, abdominal and upper body training.
  • Fully train your upper and lower muscle group strength, includes foam rollers for knee and ankle support and the elbow pad height is adjustable. A pair of rope can add more workout choices.
  • Soft seat and back cushion for more comfort, with skin-friendly EVA cover, which is easy to clean and durable.
  • Perfect for Office,Gym or your Home use with its space-saving Folding design.
  • Product Box Dimension: 123L x 32W x 21H cm. Maximum weight capacity 150kg.

Special for commercial gym use

Frame : 50*100*3.0MM  oval steel tube

Seat: 4 adjustable level

Back Rest : 7 adjustable level

N.W: 38KG

Max User Weight : 300KGs


X-SERIES is one of the series which are affordable and functional in high quality, good biomechanics, sophisticated technology and high durability. It's mainly used in commercial industries such as business gym, club and fitness centre.

Series: X-Series
Product : Commercial Adjustable Decline Bench
Model :V3037

• Affordable and functional in high quality, good biomechanics, sophisticated technology and high durability 
• Height adjustment of the seat for different user sizes
• Shaped urethane pads protect the frame
• Two shelves depending on arm length

• Frame size (cm) : 10x5
• Frame thickness (mm) : 25
• High-quality seats of molded foam
• Max User Weight (kg) : 400
• Product Weight (kg) : 55
• Size mounted (L x W x H cm): 162 x 76 x 81

• Frame Structure : 1 Year

  • Seat position with inclined back rest, close to the ground for stability and comfort
  • Foot support for stability
  • Integrated transport wheels
  • Product Dimension : 117L x 76W x 80H (cm)
  • Max User Weight : 250KG
  • Sit up bench for chest press, shoulder press, and more
  • Durable powder-coated
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Thick padded surface for maximum comfort
  • Works with barbell and dumbbell exercise

XTECH Flat Bench [F4000] designed to broaden your exercise potential, the flat Bench is the cornerstone of any strength program. Made from thick solid steel with a 2.5" oversized pad, the bench combines stability with comfort for top performance. Ideal for both seated and bridging exercises, the adidas Flat Bench has a max load of 205 kg for more advanced weight training.

• Designed to broaden your exercise potential, the XTECH flat bench is the cornerstone of any strength program
• Made from hollow steel with a 25 Inch thick oversized pad, the bench combines stability with comfort for top performance
• Engineered with a max load of 205 kg, the flat bench is built to push your training further
• Ideal for both seated and bridging lifts, the adidas flat bench broadens your exercise potential
• Built with a wide profile design, the bench lays a solid foundation for your weight training regime

• Frame size(cm): 50 x 50
• Frame thickness(cm): 0.3
• Cushion Pad thickness(cm): 6.35
• Max User Weight(kg): 205
• Product Weight(kg) : 13.2
• Product Size(L x W x H cm): 110 x 475 x 425

  • Adjustable Seat and Back Position
  • Exercises included: Leg curl, leg extension, biceps curl, incline/decline/flat bench press and etc
  • 76mm Extra Wide Steel Tube
  • Product Dimension : LxWxH (1200x1050x1060)mm
  • Product Weight : 40KG
  • Max User Weight: 180KG
  • Max Load : 250KG
  • Product not included barbell and weight plate
  • Model: VF-B5
  • All-IN-ONE MULTI-PURPOSE BENCH – Designed for multiple workouts, targets most major muscle groups, shape your abs, back, chest, glutes, hamstrings and core.\
  • GYM-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION – Made with high grade steel and scratch resistant powder-coated finish to stand up to the hardest exercise routines.
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE DECLINE AND FLAT SETTINGS – 1 flat and 2 decline bench settings with 4 foot adjustments and 8 thigh support cushions for simple, smooth height adjustments.\
  • STRONG AND STABLE DESIGN – No wobbling or shaking! Extra supporting tubes form a Triangle frame structure, which handles up to 660 lbs (300kg). and provides stable support for variety of workouts.\
  • HIGH-DENSITY CUSHIONING – 42.5x13x2 INCHES comfortable cushion pad. Longest on the market, provides consistent support and comfort for lower back and abdominals during a wide variety of exercises.
  • Incredibly solid structure, finished in a black matte powder coating for a luxurious look
  • Compact and versatile home gym for use at home or at the gym
  • Double steel bearings: rail-type weight-lifting bed, double-steel bearing safety bearing, can be adjusted up and down..
  • Possibility to train alone, without a spotter. Exercise safely, at home, with this weight bench/Smith machine combination!
  • Thickening and widening seat: It adopts rebound space memory cotton, which has good air permeability, improves comfort, and increases widening design, which is ergonomic..
  • Suitable for 50 mm (2 inches). Olympic and 30 mm (1.2 inch). Standard weight plates
  • Extra large load: The maximum weight is 300 kg, and the assembly is quick and convenient. Please note: Does not include the tools required for assembly and barbells.
  • Angle backrest : -10/0/15/30 (Degree)
  • Assembled Dimension : L 180 x W 186 x H 178 cm
  • Product weight : 55 kg
  • Max. user weight : 160kg

XTECH SMITH CAGE is the most extensive smith cage ever created. The smith bar is equipped with the highest quality ultra glide linear bearings, found only in premium equipment, guaranteeing smooth movement unmatched by classic bearings. The unique frame design allows optimal and comfortable training of all muscle groups.

Smith Machine
➡ The XTECH-Z2+ offers a super smooth commercial linear bearing smith machine rated to 270kg. The smith bar is made from high-quality steel machined with a knurl for maximum grip. The clever hook system allows you to rack the bar at any stage of a workout with added safety catch arms also included.

Cable Crossover System
➡ The Cable crossover pulleys on the XTECH-Z2+ allow you to perform exercises such as cable fly’s, Triceps pushdowns, lat pulldowns and a variety of other cable exercises to supplement your barbell workouts and give you a all-round body workout.

FID Bench
➡ The bench included with every XTECH-Z2+ is made from quality heavy tubing with thick padding for added durability. The bench includes decline/flat/incline and shoulder press angles along with a preacher pad and leg developer all in one clever design.

Peck Deck
➡ A clever peck deck has been built into the XTECH-Z2+ to offer you a more stable and safer position to perform peck flys and target your chest with correct technique every time. The thick arm pads allow you to perform peck flys with ease and the heavy stack gives you a variety of weight options for every level of fitness.

Squat Rack with Spotter Arms
➡ The XTECH-Z2+ uses the front frame as a built-in squat rack giving you the ability to rack a barbell for free weight training. The J-hooks are adjustable in height along with the safety spotter arms that catch a fully loaded bar. The Squat rack is rated to an amazing 270kg and all j-hooks and spotter arms feature a PVC rubber to protect your barbell.

Weight Stack
➡ A 40KG weight stack is included with the option of increasing the stack using weight plates up to 130KG. This upgradable weight stack is unique and exclusive to the XTECH-Z2+ and is not found on any other machine giving you the freedom to select the correct weight for every workout.

Accessories & Cable Attachments
➡ 8 Accessories are included with every XTECH-Z2+. This includes 2 x D-handles with rubber, tricep rope, bicep curl, seated row, ankle strap and a rotational Torsonator/T-Bar row attachment which can be used with any standard or Olympic barbell.

Assembly Dimensions (including Bench)

➡ Assembled Dimension: 2.5m (L) x 2.0m (W) x 2.15m (H)
➡ Product Weight: 265kg
➡ Warranty: 2 years

  • Product Dimension: 215cm x 210cm x 205cm
  • Product Weight: 116KG
  • Product not included weight plate
  • Comfortable padded seat and back cushion
  • Comes with adjustable bench with biceps curl and leg curl function
  • Max Weight: 300KG
  • Amount of packaging boxes : 3