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  • 5 Height Adjustable -- Adjustable Barbell Rack that suitable for a variety of height requirement.
  • Sturdy & Durable -- Our Barbell Stands are made of high quality steel that provides Maximum safety, Max Load Capacity is 250KG.
  • Innovative Design -- Innovative and Multi-functional design with Bell Bar and the unique base (stent more solid). Ideal for flat, incline, and shoulder bench presses, squats, curls, rows, and more
  • Heavy-Duty Steel Construction material.
  • Be adjusted to suit your height, to achieve a better workout results.
  • Ideal for pressing, bench, squat or standing.
  • VIGOR new Multi-function Barbell Rack, assembly is simple, durable, provide you with quality fitness equipment, allowing you to enjoy at home will be able to exercise, have a healthy strong body.

Deluxe Half Rack with Lat Pull Down

  • Heavy Duty Half Rack
  • Matte Black Powder Coat Finish
  • Multi-Grip Chin Up Bar
  • Includes 2 x J-Hooks and 2 x Long Spotting Arms
  • Lat Pulldown / Low Row Attachment includes Lat Pulldown Bar and Straight Bar
  • 2000lb Tensile Strength High Quality Cabling
  • Can be Fixed to the Floor
  • 700kg Static Weight Rating on J-Hooks
  • Multi Function: support squat and pull-ups
  • U‑shaped base : with suction cup non‑slip foot cover, connected with a crossbars, unparalleled safety and stability, the long base provides more loading points
  • Squat Stand : can hold the bar for squat rack up to 150kg max weight load
  • Adjustable Height: Adjustable height, from 151cm to 223cm, the lowest level is designed for woman and the power tower is suitable for the whole family workout. Its convenient for different age, shapes and sizes.
  • Sturdy Construction: Tough steel frame, heavy-duty 0.15 CM metal frame, ergonomic design for extra comfort, which ensures stability and durability, holds up to 150kg of user weight
  • 4 standard hole bar to place weight plate 
  • Ergonomic
  • Rubber handle
  • Solid construction
  • Robust
  • Reliable

Our Tricep Rope Attachment is great for attaching to your Lat Pulldown/Cable machine & also onto latex bands for some killer arm work.

100% Nylon Material
Made by 27mm diameter nylon (NOT 25mm diameter nylon)
Machinery Press Clipper with Rubber Cap (NOT screw type)

- Tricep pushdowns
- Overhead tricep extensions
- Bicep curls/Hammer Curls
- Face Pulls


Ankle weight attachment for many cable equipment
15 cm adjustable Velcro strap 
D rings for easy hook up point
Thick foam for skin comfort